Ralphie is a very sweet 1 year old French Bulldog.

He presented to our Vet Rupert as an emergency last Wednesday evening.  He had been playing at their livery yard when his owner heard him scream and witnessed a cat running away from the area, Ralphie’s eye was completely prolapsed from the socket.  This had happened as a result of the cat’s claw causing trauma to the eye.

The eye was unfortunately not salvageable and therefore the only option was to remove the eye.  Ralphie’s owners consented to this and surgery was performed that evening.  Ralphie was hospitalised overnight and maintained on supportive fluid therapy and continued pain relief.

We are pleased to report by the very next morning he was very comfortable, calm and settled and ready to go home.

Below are lovely photo’s of him at his re-check appointment only 6 days later!  His owner’s report he is still his usual happy self and has already adapted very well.