Spa treatments can be added to any full groom or bath and blowdry.

Full spa treatment package includes all of the treatments below for £6 or we have a Pick ‘N’ Mix option for individual treatments at £2 each

  • Tropiclean blueberry foaming facial wash to help clean tear and saliva staining.  This also includes Oatmeal which is a calming agent therefor can be used on sensitive skin and shouldn’t irritate their eyes.


  • Warren London leave in hydrating butter is rubbed into your dogs coat to leave a soft, silky finish and add extra hydration to keep your dogs coat healthier for longer.  The butter contains guava and mangosteen which leaves a scrumptious fresh scent.


  • Warren London Paw Defence Wax will be applied to your dogs paw pads at the end of the groom to help provide protection for everyday elements such as rough pavements, sand, snow and ice.  This also helps soothe cracks and dried out paws if used regularly.


  • Snout Soothing balm will help to moisturise dry, chapped, cracked noses.  It is also beneficial for hyperkeratosis, windburn prevention, aids as a natural sunscreen and for dry skin around the face, lips and ears


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