The Ultrasonography service at Meopham Veterinary Hospital has been in operation since 1997 and has been accepting referrals from neighbouring practices since 2003. Ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging technique used to create an image of internal structures, such as internal organs ,and allows us to see inside the softer non bony parts of an animal’s body using high frequency sound waves.

It is routinely used to assess and diagnose many medical conditions and potential surgical cases and is non-invasive.  We can often perform this whilst the patient is conscious.  Ultrasound is useful in being able to see if something looks wrong or abnormal in a part of the body, enabling us to then decide if further samples or biopsies are then required.  Here at The Meopham Veterinary Hospital we have a high quality ultrasound scanner meaning we can gain the best possible images from your pet’s scan.

Examples of conditions where ultrasonography can be used are:

  • Cardiac conditions – in echocardiography we can measure the size of the heart and look at the way in which the chambers and valves are pumping blood.  This can help diagnose and monitor heart conditions.
  • Pregnancy diagnoses in bitches – we recommend performing this from 4 weeks after mating where we will be able to confirm if the animal is pregnant.  Ultrasound may give a rough idea of the size of the litter but we cannot give exact numbers.
  • Abdomen – we are able to see the liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, intestines, stomach, lymph nodes, adrenal glands and reproductive tract.
  • To look at muscles and tendons.

Both Dr Martin Hobbs and Dr Bruce Mcleary have further qualifications in diagnostic imaging and accept referrals in this discipline.

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