In order to maintain the breed standard quality of some dogs coat types we would recommend hand stripping over clipping with electric clippers.

This is a type of grooming method to remove the excess hair from the dog’s coat.  Hand stripping is done by hand and removes the coat from the root rather than just the top layer, as clipping would.  This creates room to enable a new coat to grow.  In some dog breeds this style of grooming will keep the coat in a brighter condition.

The type of coat that will benefit from hand stripping produces two types of hair – the undercoat which is soft and dense while the top coat is longer and wiry in texture.  Dogs with wiry coats go through a specific growing cycle in which the hair becomes thicker and darker as it grows – if you do not remove the dead hair from the top coat it will have a negative impact on the overall appearance of the coat.

Clipping these coat types may result in the coat looking dull in appearance and having a softer texture.

Dogs that may benefit from hand stripping are:

  • Border Terrier
  • Cairn Terrier
  • Norwich Terrier
  • Wire Fox Terrier
  • Schnauzer

Some Spaniel coats may also benefit from hand stripping, our groomers would be happy to discuss whether your dog would benefit from this.

Hand stripping takes longer than clipping, time and price is dependant on breed so please speak to one of our groomers for further information.

This service is available at our Meopham, Sevenoaks and Tonbridge salons.