Murphy is a 7year old German Shepherd.  His owners registered with us in the Spring after years of ongoing, recurrent ear infections.  He had been diagnosed with a psedumonas infection but Murphy was difficult to medicate.  Pseudmomonas is a gram negative bacteria that can sometimes develop in the ears when they have experienced repeated ear infections.  It is unfortunately resistant to many of the anti-biotics we would normally prescribe.

Where other methods of treating ear canal or middle ear disease have failed a procedure called a TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation) can be considered.  This procedure involves surgical removal of the whole infected and diseased ear canal.

One of our Veterinary Surgeons, Penny, performed this procedure.  Surgery went well and after a night of hospitalisation for pain relief he was discharged home to his owners the following morning.

We are pleased to report that at his re-check appointment Murphy’s owners had already reported he was happier at home, which is fantastic!