Ella is a beautiful 1 year old Bengal that came into The Sevenoaks Veterinary Surgery after not eating for 2 days, grinding her teeth and lethargy.  Penny examined her and found she was dehydrated and had a very high temperature.

Ella was admitted to the Meopham Veterinary Hospital for intravenous fluids, blood tests and xrays.  The blood test indicated she had an infection and on the radiographs we found an area in her lungs which confirmed she had pneumonia.  Penny prescribed some antibiotics and pain relief to help with her discomfort.  A short stay at the Hospital seemed to brighten her up as the next morning all she wanted was some TLC from the nurses!

Ella was sent home on medication and her lungs were xrayed again a week later.

After a week of antibiotics, Ella’s lungs looked much better but not completely back to normal, so she had another 2weeks of antibiotics then was xrayed again at the end of the antibiotics.

After 2weeks Ella came back for a visit and was feeling so much better.  This time we had to use some sedation stop her wriggling so we could perform x-rays!

On her final xrays her lungs looked perfectly back to normal, luckily for Ella and her owner no more medication was needed.

We are happy to report she is back home playing with her best friend and eating just as much as ever.