As a practice it is our mission to provide compassionate, high quality care for our patients on a continuous basis. As an RCVS certified Veterinary Hospital, our nursing staff are on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to care for in-patients. This means that if your pet is ever admitted to the hospital, he or she will never be alone during their stay with us.

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The Importance of Pet Insurance

Bear was just 12 weeks old when he was taken to the vets after he kept shaking his head. After seeing a vet he was diagnosed with pseudomonas (middle ear infection) and a ruptured ear drum.

He had to return to the surgery for weekly anaesthetics to have the ear flushed and daily injections as he was too young to have normal antibiotics. In total his treatment cost his owner almost £500.

Luckily he was insured and her insurance company covered the cost of Bears treatment!

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Your Kitten must be vaccinated before being allowed outside

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Vaccination Amnesty

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