On 1st September new RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) rules came in to place which will specifically affect the prescribing of prescription only medications.

The biggest difference is that there now always needs to be a physical assessment and examination before a prescription of drugs within certain categories can be dispensed.  These categories include antibiotics, POM-V anti parasiticides (preventative flea & lungworm treatment) & controlled drugs.

For many of you that regularly order medications, you may not notice any difference, however the biggest change you will notice will be when you come to order more preventative healthcare products, as we use POM-V products.  We will now need to physically examine your animal in order to write a prescription to dispense against in the future.

We have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to put as many appropriate steps in place as we can in order to prepare, in the time frame given.

You may read the RCVS guidelines by visiting their website


On 7th September the RCVS advised that they would delay the guidelines for POM-V anti-parasiticides only until 12th January 2024.