Trombone is a lovely 4 year old Boxer.

It was noted at his booster appointment that Trombone was a cryptorchid.  This is a condition where one, or both, testicles fails to descend from the abdomen into the scrotum as he grows.  The risk associated with this, is that dogs with a retained testicle are much more likely to develop testicular cancer and therefore, we would always recommend castration.  In the case where one testicle is retained we sometimes need to operate abdominally in order to locate and remove the retained testicle.  In some cases this can be quite low down within the inguinal region but in other cases it can be high up within the abdomen, by the kidneys where they would have both started life when he was a puppy.  As you can see from the images the retained testicle is much smaller than the descended.

Trombone’s owners opted for the procedure to be performed laparoscopically due to the many benefits associated: quicker healing time, less invasive and smaller wounds.

Our Vets Pippa and Rupert performed this procedure and we are pleased to report Trombone recovered beautifully.