Alice is a 4 year old Maine Coon.  She went missing in October and returned home 7 days later very hungry and unable to walk on her left hind leg.  Vet, Rupert Davenport, could feel her leg was fractured.  Alice was admitted to the hospital for intra venous fluid therapy, pain relief and radiographs to establish the extent of her injuries.

Radiographs revealed a severely comminuted (multiple bone splinters) femoral fracture.  There was one large and several small fragments displased (moved from their usual position).

As Alice had been missing there was a high chance this fracture had occurred days before presentation, this can make repair more complicated as the muscles will have contracted around the fragments.  The owners consented for us to go ahead with the fracture repair but gave permission that if repair was not possible then we would amputate the limb.

Rupert and Martin made a plan for surgery and the fragments were successfully repaired using an orthopaedic plate and screws.  Post-operative radiographs showed good alignment and positioning so Alice was woken up and transferred to our cattery for nursing aftercare.

3 days post operatively Alice was very bright and comfortable and even putting weight on the limb so she was discharged home to her family to continue with her recovery.  She would have strict cage rest until her follow up radiographs 6 weeks later.

We are pleased to report that at her 6 week check radiographs revealed new bone was forming and that the position of the implants had remained good.  Alice remains on restricted exercise to allow continued healing but is doing well.