Hedgehogs need to be a mimimum of 600g to be able to safely hibernate before December.

Bonfires should be assembled moments before setting alight to minimise hedgehogs getting stuck in the bonfire and burning.
Always check bonfires before lighting.

Continue to put dog/cat food outside with water to help hedgehogs to over the winter. Hedgehogs get all of their energy from the food stored from the summer months, this is why supplementary feeding them is so important.

Hedgehogs will prepare for hibernation when their food source declines; if they have a reliable food source they will still be out even in cold frosty weather!

No bread or milk should be offered to them.

As this September has been warm (2023); some Hedgehogs have had a second litter in the year.  The hoglets from this litter will not have enough time to put on the weight needed to hibernate successfully.  If in doubt; wearing gardening gloves, gently scoop the hedgehog up and weigh.

If concerned please contact The British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890 801 or Meopham Veterinary Hospital on 01474 815333.

Lastly, many people believe Hedgehogs sleep to hibernate; instead they drop their body temperature and enter a stage of torpor.  This gives them the opportunity to preserve their energy and so makes routine activity impossible.

Therefore, it is really important not to disturb a Hedgehog during hibernation.

Blog written by Bradley Docherty, Trainee Veterinary Nurse