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Norman - linear foreign body

Our October bravery award has been given to Norman! 
Norman is a 6 month old beautiful boy that particularly won our nurses hearts during his stay with us. He presented to one of our Vets, Rupert, vomiting, quiet and off his food. He was admitted for intravenous fluid therapy and diagnostic imaging. Radiographs and ultra sound failed to reveal the cause for Normans clinical signs but a linear foreign body was suspected.
A linear foreign body is a problem in cats as they commonly play with string/ribbon/plastic. The difficulty they pose is that if these items are swallowed and cause an obstruction they do not show up on xrays as they are radio lucent (transparent to xrays).
Based on Norman’s failure to improve to initial treatment and obvious discomfort within his abdomen the decision was made to perform exploratory surgery.
A gastrotomy (surgical opening of the stomach) was performed which confirmed Rupert’s suspicion. A length of ribbon/cord & knot was stuck in Norman’s stomach extending into his jejenum (middle part of the intestines).
An enterectomy (surgical removal of a portion of the intestines) was then performed to remove the piece of extending material.
Norman recovered well post operatively but remained in a critical condition and received continuous intensive monitoring by our dedicated nursing team.
By the next morning Norman was purring and happy and by the evening he was eating!!
We are so pleased to report Norman went on to make a full recovery. He was such a lovely boy and a pleasure to have as an inpatient. 
The images below show Norman pre-operative, under general anaesthetic, the contents removed and in the middle - all ready for home. 

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