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Pippa - Surgical removal of bladder stones

Pippa is a 12 year old Cairn Terrier.  Her owner's brought her in to see one of our Vet's, Bruce, after noticing Pippa was squatting more frequently, without always producing urine.  Her owners also reported she had recently become quieter at home. 

During the consultation, on physical examination, Bruce could palpate stones in Pippa's bladder.  This is quite unusual to be able to feel these and was an indication of the size of her bladder stones.  A cystotomy (surgical removal of the stones from the bladder) was recommended, to which the owners consented.

The cystotomy procedure was successful and Pippa recovered very well.  She remained hospitalised with us over night for fluid therapy, pain relief and 24 hour nursing care.  She was discharged back home to her owner the next day.

The stones were sent away for specialist analysis and the report came back that they were Struvite.  The most common cause for bladder stones is dietary related, although some breeds can be predisposed to developing them aswell as some diseases.



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