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Perdi - CT scan, splenectomy and blood transfusion

Perdi is a 9 year old Labrador.  She first visited us in April as she was lethargic at home.  One of our Vet’s, Lauren Smith examined Perdi and noted that her mucous membranes were very pale. Her heart rate was elevated and she had a distended abdomen.  Ultrasound examination revealed a large, irregular spleen and blood oozing into Perdi’s abdomen.  A CT scan was recommended to determine whether there were any other areas of concern, before making a decision on whether to operate to perform a splenectomy (removal of her spleen) or not.

The CT images revealed a tumour on Perdi’s ovary, a large abdominal cyst and confirmed the large splenic mass, but fortunately showed no signs of cancerous spread. 

The owner’s options were discussed. Following which they consented to Martin performing a splenectomy, ovario-hysterectomy and removal of the intra-abdominal cyst. 

Perdi initially recovered from her surgery well, but later that evening her heart rate elevated and she became pale in colour.  A blood test was taken which indicated high lactate levels, this had been caused by a reduced circulating blood volume in Perdi’s body.  A blood transfusion was recommended to which her owners consented.  Martin bought in his own dog, Skipper, in the middle of that night to use as a donor for Perdi’s life saving blood transfusion.  He was a very good boy for the procedure.  Even though he was not a willing donor he certainly enjoyed the biscuits and attention he was given by our nurses afterwards!   

Perdi received constant monitoring overnight by our fantastic night nurses. By 3am Perdi’s colour was already much improved and by 7am she was able to walk around with assistance.

Throughout the next day Perdi received regular pain relief and continued on intravenous fluid therapy.  Her colour remained pink and her blood pressure was stable.  The owners were advised that although Perdi was still in a critical condition we were pleased with her progress.  The next day there was even further improvement and then Perdi started eating again.  By 3 days post operatively she went home!

We are pleased to report that Perdi has made a full recovery. Her final pathology results confirmed that her splenic mass was a haematoma (non-cancerous) and that her cyst and ovarian cancer were completely removed.

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