Case Studies


Oscar-intestinal blockage

Oscar presented to our Swanscombe Head Vet, Lauren, with vomiting after eating bark in the garden. On examination Lauren could feel a firm swelling in his abdomen, a radiograph was taken which confirmed an obstruction, meaning Oscar would require surgical intervention.  Lauren and Tim performed an enterotomy to remove the foreign material. The images show the intestinal blockage and the material removed. Oscar was hospitalised post operatively in order for our 24 hour nursing to team to monitor him and administer pain relief and fluid therapy.  He remained comfortable and by the next day was willing to eat!!  After 24 hours of eating eagerly, without vomiting he was allowed to go home. 

We are so pleased to report he recovered very well. 

Please see our facebook videos for that of him giving Lauren thank you kisses at his re-examination appointment! 

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