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Oscar - infection in lung from inhalation of grass seed

Oscar presented to us out of hours one Sunday night after playing in the garden with his owner and suddenly becoming hunched over in pain and not wanting to move.  On initial clinical examination, by one of our vets, he was extremely painful over his abdominal and thoracic region so he was admitted to the hospital for pain relief and blood tests to try and determine his source of pain.

He settled into his kennel well and seemed more comfortable after his pain relief.  His blood tests did not reveal any abnormalities to give a reason for his pain.  As Oscar had improved he was initially monitored and kept on regular pain relief, but after two days he had not improved enough for us to be happy so the next step in his diagnosis was taken.  At this time a full body CT scan was recommended to try and determine his source of pain.

Our vet's could see from the CT images that there was fluid present surrounding Oscar's lungs and that there appeared to be a mass in his lung, we were unsure at this stage what exactly the mass was.  A chest drain was placed into Oscar's chest to relieve the fluid and he received intensive nursing care from our 24 hour dedicated team.

The next day we received his urgent CT interpretation report which had revealed evidence of a foreign body migrating into his lungs, the most likely cause for this is that Oscar had inhaled a grass seed which had travelled into his lungs.  At this stage Oscar was referred to the Royal Veterinary College for investigation to potentially locate and remove the foreign body.

Oscar's story is an extremely interesting case, without CT imaging his diagnosis would certainly have been delayed and therefore his recovery hindered.

In the image you can see the CT scans and Oscar at his re-check appointment. We are so pleased to report he is doing really well!!




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