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Lilly the Westie

Lilly is a six year old Westie who came to the Meopham Veterinary Hospital after a few days of not being quite herself and vomiting after eating. Radiographs of her abdomen and chest showed something suspicious in her chest. We decided to use an endoscope to look down Lilly’s oesophagus and soon found a foreign body. The piece of bone was too large to pass into the stomach and has made Lilly’s oesophagus sore. The foreign body was carefully removed using a pair of forceps and Lilly recovered well in hospital.

The first image shows an X-ray of Lilly’s chest with the arrow pointing to the foreign body.

The second image shows view down the oesophagus via the endoscope – this foreign body is blocking the passage of food to the stomach

The third image shows Lilly’s oesophagus as viewed via an endoscope after removal of the foreign body. It looks very sore at the moment but should heal over time.

The fourth image shows a piece of bone removed from Lilly’s oesophagus

The final image is Lilly recovering in her kennel with her favourite teddy and a nice spongey bed!

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