Case Studies


Hattie after losing her sight in both eyes

Hattie first became blind, as a result of glaucoma, in her right eye in June 2015.  She also had cataracts in both eyes. She was a regular little visitor, here at The Meopham Veterinary Hospital,  for monitoring of her eye pressures and comfort levels  

She eventually became very uncomfortable and the decision was made to enucleate her right eye at the end of July 2015.

She recovered from this procedure extremely well, only to suddenly become blind in her left eye only 3 days post operatively.  Hattie was closely monitored for a few weeks but unfortunately she was in too much discomfort and therefore required surgery again to enucleate her left eye at the end of August.

Hattie recovered very well from her second surgery and managed to adjust to her new way of life at home.

Hattie has been a real star patient and we wish her well in the future.


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