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Freddie - TPLO surgery and hydrotherapy

Freddie presented to us in February after running into the garden and returning completely lame on his left hind leg.  A ruptured cruciate ligament was diagnosed and after discussion with the owner the decision was made to perform surgery on Freddie.  

A TPLO procedure was performed (tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy), which is an orthopaedic procedure performed in dogs to stabilise the stifle joint after rupture.  Post operatively he stayed in the hospital with us for 2 days for pain relief and close observation before he was discharged home to continue his recovery and physio with his owner's.

He returned 6 weeks later for his post operative xrays where we could see that everything was healing as we would expect, therefore he could now start his hydrotherapy physio sessions with Amy Rogers RVN, our in house qualified canine hydrotherapist.

He came in to see Amy twice a week for hydrotherapy sessions and showed a massive improvment throughout his treatment!  On his first session he managed 3 minutes and by his last session he could manage 20 minutes!  He was all signed off from his physio after session 10.






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